Java DoubleBitsFromCharSequence-class And Method Code Example

Unfortunately, Apache Commons IO library doesn't have class named DoubleBitsFromCharSequence, It has a method Double.parseDouble(CharSequence) which could be used to convert a CharSequence to double instead.

Here's an example of how to use the Double.parseDouble(CharSequence) method to convert a CharSequence to a double:

import java.util.Scanner;

CharSequence charSequence = "3.141592653897";
double convertedDouble = Double.parseDouble(charSequence);

This code creates a CharSequence containing a double value (3.141592653897), and uses the Double.parseDouble(CharSequence) method to convert it to a double. The result is printed as 3.141592653897.

You can also use scanner class to parse a double value from a string using the nextDouble() method.

String input = "3.141592653897";
Scanner sc = new Scanner(input);
double convertedDouble = sc.nextDouble();

Please note that the Double.parseDouble(CharSequence) method will throw a NumberFormatException if the CharSequence does not contain a parsable double.