Java ProxyInputStream-class And Method Code Example

Here is an example of how you might use the ProxyInputStream class from the package in Java:


public class MyClass {

    public void doSomethingWithInputStream(InputStream inputStream) {
        // Wrap the input stream in a ProxyInputStream
        InputStream proxyInputStream = new ProxyInputStream(inputStream);
        // Use the proxy input stream just like you would use the original input stream
        int data =;
        while (data != -1) {
            // Do something with the data
            data =;

The ProxyInputStream class is a simple wrapper for an existing InputStream that can be subclassed to provide additional functionality. In this example, the doSomethingWithInputStream method takes an InputStream as a parameter, wraps it in a ProxyInputStream, and then uses it to read data.

You can also subclass ProxyInputStream to provide additional functionality, such as logging or adding a progress bar to the input stream.